Coolest YoWhatsApp Theme Collection Letest 2019

NEXTTUTORIALS.COM - WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to exchange text, voice, images, videos, documents, etc. Besides being able to function as just described, you can also change the appearance of the YoWhatsApp theme so it doesn't seem monotonous.

Coolest YoWhatsApp Theme Collection Letest 2019, Whatsapp often updates its features. And recently WhatsApp adds many fantastic features. But one thing that has never changed from whatsapp is the YoWhatsapp theme, Fouad WhatsApp, the all-green FM WhatsApp.

Many of us are finally bored with the default WhatsApp green theme. Agree no? But you can change the appearance of the layout using a theme provided by many developers. You can change colors, layout styles, and more.

So, in this article, understanding will explain how to change whatsapp themes mobile legend. You don't need to root the device to practice this method. Here are some ways you can use:

If you like customizing themes, then this guide is perfect. It's just that the official version of WhatsApp doesn't provide many adjustments. But there are ways to outsmart what some developers have done so you can do a lot of custom on official WhatsApp and lots of cool features in it.

What has been done by the developers? Namely YoWhatsapp. This application is the most popular modification application from Whatsapp. You can activate / deactivate a lot of whatsapp functions with this application.

Let's see how to change the WA theme :
  • First, first backup the chat on whatsapp.backup whatsapp
  • Uninstall Whatsapp from your mobile.
  • Then download the YoWhatsapp application.
  • Install and open the application. Whatsapp logo
  • Then enter your Whatsapp number, verify via OTP.
  • On the next screen, your restore chat was previously backed up.
  • Click "3 Points" which is in the top right corner of the YoWhatsapp app
  • Open Yo Settings> Download themes.
  • Choose whatever WhatsApp theme you like then click Apply. Register the gbwhatsapp theme
  • Then the theme will automatically be downloaded and installed on your WhatsApp.
  • If you want to get a new theme, you can just restart the application.

Still confused? Try to watch the video for how to change the theme of the following transparent wa:

It turns out that how to change the WA theme is very easy and simple right. YoWhatsapp is safe to use and works smoothly like Whatsapp Official. You can get thousands of themes with this application.

The best thing about this application is that you can use YoWhatsapp together with Official Whatsapp. Or means you can use 2 whatsapp on one device.

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