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Free Download JTInstagram v5.0 JiMods Edition Apk Mod Latest Version Android

JTInstagram also present cool features and a very attractive appearance for Instagram application users such as Instagram ProInstagram AeroInstander and InstaUltra. InstaMod 2023 is a modified apk that has added cool features that the official version of the Instagram application doesn't have.

JTInstagram v5.0 JiMods Edition Apk Mod Latest Version Android Install Application JTInstagram JiMods Latest 2023 download instamod for android update 2023
JTInstagram JiMods

JTInstagram v5.0 JiMods Edition Apk Mod Latest Version Android

The application JTInstagram JiMods latest version 2023 will always make very interesting updates for all users who use the Instagram mod application. 

Instagram Mod dark mode is also lyrical a cool feature we can't even imagine. As for InstaAero, there are several ig mod versions available like InstaMod, but they offer a variety of features and mods that the official app doesn't seem to offer.

So, for today we will talk about the latest version of InstaAero and its interesting features. You can easily download JTInstagram from our site with just one click. 

You can also install Instagram Mod without having to uninstall the JTInstagram application, so you can also run two Instagram applications simultaneously on one Android phone so that you are easier and cooler.

We can only make modifications in terms of appearance and some additional features in the application. Modder does not collect conversation and media data.

Install Application JTInstagram JiMods Latest 2023

Information JTInstagram

  1. Name : JTInstagram
  2. Version : v5.0
  3. Update : April 2023
  4. Owner : com. ig

Features JTInstagram

  • Migration to Instagram version;
  • Update minimum requirements to Android 9+, ARM64-v8a;
  • Added new translations: Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malayalam, Polish, Spanish, Turkish;
  • Removed Monet theme for SDK 31+ (will be added in next update);
  • Fixed a bugs that depended on me or my intervention.
  • Added new fonts to Stories;
  • Removed Download button in feed (Now the download button is only in the three dots menu);
  • Added a badge when watching a Live;
  • Fixed download button on three dot menu;
  • Removed long-press and triple-press gestures;
  • Fixed “??, ??, ??, ??” in script font;
  • Added 60 sec Stories;
  • Fixed MobileConfig updater.
  • Removed video scrubber;
  • Added Monet theme for Android 12+;
  • Removed Instander Backup Settings;
  • Added Reels scrubber;
  • Removed Mark as read;
  • Fixed Feed loading on some devices;
  • Removed In-App Lock (Because of blockchain vulnerabilities that cannot be fixed);
  • Added disabling the Monet theme;
  • Removed message when connecting to the Live in Ghost Mode;
  • Fixed Reels download button;
  • Raised the target SDK to 33.
  • Fixed Alte & Hoefler New fonts;

How to Install JTInstagram

  1. Uninstall any old version if it’s installed.
  2. Download “JTInstagram”.
  3. Install the “apk”.
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Done.
Download the application first, since it is classified as an external application, it is recommended that you enable installation of unknown sources.

Watch Video JTInstagram

Download Application JTInstagram











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