Download WhatsApp Lite Mod Apk (WA Lite) Size 2MB Latest 2023

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WhatsApp Lite Mod release with a small size and attractive appearance for users of the WhatsApp Mod application Like Whatsapp Aero, Fouad Wa iOS, Delta UltraGB WA and dYowa Some of you must already know that WA Lite mod 2023 always comes with the latest looks and features that make you feel very comfortable and comfortable using it.
WhatsApp Lite Mod Apk (WA Lite) Size 2MB Latest 2023 Install Application WA Lite Update Latest 2023 download wa lite apk mod update 2023
WhatsApp Lite Mod

WhatsApp Lite Mod Apk (WA Lite) Size 2MB Latest 2023

The WhatsApp Lite Mod application has been applied to Anti Virus and now new features have been released & the appearance has become more attractive & cool. WhatsApp Lite mod latest version 2023 has now been modified and has been added with the coolest and best features.

This WA Lite Mod can also be installed without having to delete the Wa ori application, so you can also run two WhatsApp applications simultaneously on one Android phone so that you are also easier to use.
WhatsApp Mod is a modified WhatsApp application. If something happens that causes or your WhatsApp account error is a serious problem, we as Modders are not responsible.


Install Application WA Lite Mod Update Latest 2023

Information WhatsApp Lite Mod

  1. Name : WhatsApp Lite Mod
  2. Size : 2MB
  3. Update : Jan 2023
  4. Owner : com.wa

Things to Know About WhatsApp Lite Mod

WhatsApp Mod is a modified WhatsApp & some changes have been made to make the user much better. We can say third party whatsapp application which is not from the developer of Whatsapp Ori.

WhatsApp Lite Mod namely an application that does not come from an official apk source, but is still safe to use. And this whatsapp does not interfere with your whatsapp privacy settings but because WhatsApp is a third party apk, we also have to take care of some things to protect ourselves from online threats.

Features WhatsApp Lite Mod

  • Status Downloading
  • Msg and Status Delete Icon
  • Hide Chat
  • Freez Last Seen
  • Disable Forwarded tag
  • Calls and Status Privacy.
  • Custom Privacy
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti-Delete Status
  • Show Blue Ticks After reply
  • Contact Privacy
  • Group Privacy
  • Broadcast Privacy
  • WhatsApp Lock ( Fingerprint,PIN,Pattern)
  • Chat Converstion Lock
  • Can use handa account
  • Broadcast messages to WhatsApp groups
  • Voice changer (Voice Note)
  • Can close the WA Group by force
  • Immune to any Virtext
  • Moderate and Violent Virtex WA immunity
  • Reply to Virtex messages
  • Wa Immune is also anti-Virkon and anti-Slayer
  • The WA Immune application is free to use
  • Can install 2 WA applications at once
  • Ect.

How Intsall WhatsApp Lite Mod

  1. Download the application below
  2. Open and install the downloaded application
  3. Enter your phone NO
  4. Provide whatsapp username
  5. Done
Please download the application that we have provided below, because this is classified as an external application, it is recommended that you activate the installation of unknown sources.

Watch video WhatsApp Lite Mod

Download Application 
WhatsApp Lite Mod







Tema WA



Password here 👉

Pw : 7492

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